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Frank Martin, Miami Rumors Don't Have Much Traction For Now

The Frank Martin and Miami basketball rumors don't have much traction at the moment. The Kansas State coach has already said publicly that he hasn't been contacted by anyone regarding the Miami job. 

I've followed college basketball, and sports in general, long enough to pay attention to what a coach says very carefully. I noted that, while Martin may be truthful in that no one has contacted him about the Miami job, that doesn't mean his agent hasn't been talking.

As it turns out, his agent hasn't been talking. Agent Richard Katz told Kellis Robinett of the KC Star that he hasn't talked to anyone at Miami about a job for Martin. He also says he hasn't had any discussions about a contract extension.

Martin left the door slightly open while speaking on Tim Brando's radio show. He used the words "never say never" when talking about other job offers but did say several times that he's very happy at K-State. He signed a contract extension last year (and is eligible for another one).

Miami interim AD Tony Hernandez is reportedly looking at 20 candidates to replace Frank Haith. We'll find out soon enough if Frank Martin is on that list.