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Report: Miami Can Get Frank Martin With Commitment To Basketball Program

Publicly, we've heard from Kansas State Wildcats basketball coach Frank Martin, and his agent, that they haven't heard from the University of Miami regarding their vacant head coaching job. In an interview with Tim Brando earlier this week, Martin said he loves his situation at K-State right now but did leave the door slightly ajar saying "never say never" when it comes to these sorts of things.

The reason a lot of folks say Martin wouldn't heard to Miami is that they're not committed to their basketball program. It's a football school and Martin has built something special in Manhattan, Kan. Despite that, Gary Parrish of reports that, if Miami make the commitment to basketball, they can get Frank Martin.

But multiple sources told that the Miami native, though happy in Manhattan, wouldn't pass on the opportunity to return to his hometown if Miami wanted him and committed to being a program that can realistically expect to compete in the top half of the ACC -- meaning Miami would have to pay Martin and his assistants competitive salaries and increase its basketball budget. 

Let's assume this is accurate, that Martin would "definitely" leave K-State for Miami and that, "anybody telling you otherwise should not be believed." It still may not change a whole lot because Miami would have to actually pony up and make that commitment. 

Until that happens, I'm not sure how seriously we can take the Frank Martin-to-Miami talk.