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Miami Fans Hope To Reel In Frank Martin From Kansas State

We hear various coaching rumors all the time and sometimes they have traction and sometimes they don't. One we thought didn't have any legs to it, Frank Martin to Miami, is a little more interesting with CBS Sports' Gary Parrish's report that Kansas State's Frank Martin would "walk on hot coals" to get to Miami -- only if they committed to the basketball program.

That commitment basically means more money to the program in general, the facilities and to the head coach and his assistants. SB Nation's Miami blog, 7th Floor Blog, says snagging Martin would be the "biggest coaching fish" in the history of the school -- assuming money isn't a factor, as Miami says.

That is, of course, according to acting Athletic Director Tony Hernandez, who recently stated that money will not be an issue in the coaching search. If one of those things is not true- that Martin will "walk on coals" to coach UM, or that money is not an obstacle- and Martin never materializes, then Parrish is right in that Miami is consigning themselves, either by choice or necessity, to the middle or lower class of the ACC. 

We'll see. Parrish's report paints a picture where Miami only needs the cash and the commitment to reel in Frank Martin. Publicly, Martin and his agent have said they haven't been contacted by Miami.

Then again, you have to wonder why Martin went on a national radio show to say Miami hasn't talked to him, and then now a national reporter (Parrish) has the Martin-to-Miami report. He didn't do any local interviews. Perhaps they're getting Miami's attention via the national route?