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Kansas State Fans Wondering Why On Frank Martin-Miami Rumors

SB Nation's Bring On The Cats is talking about the Frank Martin-to-Miami rumors and there are some great reactions from Kansas State fans. I think many are wondering why he doesn't come out and say he's not interested in the Miami job. Some say he should be blamed for not shooting down the Miami rumors while others seem to recognize this is the way the game is played.

I snagged a few comments from K-State basketball fans at Bring On The Cats. Check 'em all out here

The idea that the Miami job, even with a "commitment to the basketball program" and including a large financial incentive would be a better spot for Martin (even with his ties to Miami) than what he’s got here, is asinine. His assistants make more than some head coaches, fan support is constant and consistent, administrative support has been excellent, and there’s the whole issue of that new basketball training facility. If he leaves Manhattan for non-competitive salaries, dismal fan support at all times, competition with pro sports, an administration that looks at basketball as a third-tier sport, and aging/run down facilities, I will be flabbergasted. Also sad.

So far, this is just the media thinking out loud about possibilities. Parrish's article is based on the premise that Miami has the money (I'm thinking around an additional $7 million a year with upgrades to salaries and general basketball expenses - not to mention the huge money to upgrade/buildi facilities) and the support to do both. Miami can't get half their stadium full for a rivalry game? This is NOT a destination job.

College basketball is a business. Frank Martin has given his all to Kansas State and its fans. If he chooses to leave because he has another opportunity he prefers then who are we to question him for it? If Frank stays and the team is terrible the next three years, would you say he should be fired? Loyalty is a two-way street.   

Some were SO adamant that Frank would never even consider the Miami job, that when it starts to leak that there might be some interest…the pendulum swings violently the other way. Frank isn’t doing anything wrong by considering the possibility of switching job.That doesn’t make him any less loyal to KSU then he was 1 month ago. If anything, i’m glad he’s honest and willing to admit that he’ll "never say never" instead of spouting some "i wanna retire here" bullshit to get the press off his ass(it won’t work anyway). This obviously isn’t an easy decision and he has to consider all the options.