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BCS Standings: Kansas State Finishes At No. 8 In Previous BCS Rankings

The NCAA football season is officially over. The national title has been bestowed, the bowl games have come to an end and the college football programs are now beginning their offseasons in preparation for fall of 2012. The final bit of official business is the final team standings.

The final BCS standings haven't been released yet, but heading into bowl season, the official BCS standings, courtesy of ESPN and the BCS, had the Kansas St. Wildcats placed solidly in the top 10, all the way up at No. 8 behind Boise State and ahead of South Carolina.

The No. 8 ranking is a significant improvement over the placement the Wildcats received in the final USA Today Coaches Poll and the final AP Poll, where the team finished No. 16 and No. 15, respectively. The BCS rankings were created as a means of an unbiased rankings system, which is borne out in the No. 8 placement of Kansas State.

The Missouri Tigers did not make the final BCS top 25.

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