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Kansas State Running Back Bryce Brown Leaves School, Expected To Enter NFL Draft, According To Report

Former blue chip running back Bryce Brown is reportedly giving up his last two years of eligibility to enter the 2012 NFL Draft.

Kansas State running back Bryce Brown is the former No. 1 high school recruit from the 2009 class is forgoing his eligibility to possibly enter the 2012 NFL Draft. Brown's college career has not lived up to the recruiting hype out of high school. Brown first enrolled with the Tennessee Volunteers to only transfer after one year to head back near his home town to play with the Kansas St. Wildcats. At Tennessee, Brown had a solid freshman campaign with 460 yards and three touchdowns while his 2011 season at Kansas State lasted only three games. Browns state line at Kansas State was three carries for only 16 yards.

Brown has reportedly left school and is thinking about entering the 2012 NFL Draft, according to ESPN's Joe Schad. Brown left the Kansas State program after three games due to personal reasons and If he does enter the NFL Draft he is giving up his last two years left of eligibility.

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