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Brent Venables Reportedly 'Not Interested' In Kansas State Proposition

Where will Brent Venables go? That’s one of the major questions in the Big 12 at this point as the defensive coordinator at Oklahoma is left wondering which job offer to take or whether to stay on staff at OU despite the changes around him. Clemson is listed as a possibility. Kansas State is his alma mater. West Virginia, the latest addition to the Big 12, is reportedly another option. Thus it’s hard to tell what he will do.

But College Football Talk has the latest that Venables is likely going to nix at least the K-State idea.

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“There’s also thought that Venables could return to his alma mater, Kansas State, for a coach-in-waiting type deal with the news that Wildcats DC Chris Cosh could be heading to South Florida – although I think it’s fair to say the CIW fad is pretty much done,” writes Ben Kercheval.

“However, Dave Sittler of the Tulsa World reports that Venables is ‘absolutely not interested’ in returning to K-State. Venables has also turned down an offer from West Virginia to replace Jeff Casteel, and the Mountaineers are now slowly but surely putting that defensive staff together.”

Venables has a few more options to consider, so some news could be coming shortly if he’s already knocking some options out. It’s too bad the Wildcats are not in the running after all.