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Kansas State Upset Gives Oklahoma Sooners Best Win Of 2011-12 Season

The Oklahoma Sooners have to feel better at this point about their 2011-12 basketball season than any other point so far this season. The Sooners came into yesterday's game against Kansas State at 12-7 on the season with a 2-5 conference record. Their best win to date: a win at home over the Wildcats. Now the Sooners can say they own Frank Martin's team after yet another upset of Martin's team, this time in Manhattan that bolsters the Sooners' resume for a post-season appearance of some kind.

"Overall, it was both a shocking and fantastic win," writes Chandler Vessels. "Though some expected a close contest, next to no one expected a win out of the Sooners tonight, but that’s exactly what they delivered. Not only was it their first road win in quite some time, it happened to come at the hand of a top 25 opponent, which would certainly be eye-popping on any team’s tournament resume. This win is big in so many ways, but mostly because it rejuvenates the Sooners hopes of going dancing in March."

Before last night, the Sooners only other win of note away from Kansas State's dates on the schedule was a win over Arkansas earlier in the season. An upcoming trip to play Kansas at Lawrence gives OU another chance to pad their resume. That should be a tall order, however, against a Bill Self team set to rebound from their own upset.

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