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Cotton Bowl 2012: Bobby Petrino Gives Bowl Teacher An Apple, Asks For More Homework

It's the sort of quote that has to bring a collective eye roll from anyone without the last name of Petrino. When asked about the state of the Cotton Bowl being outside of the BCS, Bobby Petrino stated recently, "When I took the [Arkansas] job I was surprised that it wasn’t in the BCS ... The way we have been treated here and the move to Cowboys Stadium, I certainly think it will be." Perhaps Petrino believes that the way he acts toward the bowl will influence how his team plays within it. Or maybe he's just a really nice guy.

It's hard to see how Petrino's kissing up is going to affect anything, but it sure is interesting to hear Petrino positioning himself as the teacher's pet and local favorite between the two teams in the 2012 Cotton Bowl. Petrino's posturing is nothing new in his journey from college to NFL and back again, and it's clear he's trying to get the bowl leaders to cotton to him here as well. [Editor's note: lame joke is not funny]