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BCS rankings simulation: Kansas State at No. 8

The Wildcats stand pat in simulated BCS rankings after a bye week, and prepare for a full Big 12 slate.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

After a bye week, the Kansas State Wildcats have stayed up at no. 8 in this week's BCS rankings simulations. At 4-0, Kansas State is currently ranked at its highest point since the 2003 season.

Official BCS rankings won't be released until three more weeks are complete, but several computer rankings used in the BCS formula are already releasing their rankings. Using the four of six computer polls available already, and substituting the AP Poll for the Harris Poll (also not released yet), the Wildcats remained at the eighth spot, just ahead of new conference mate West Virginia.

Bill Snyder led the Wildcats to an upset victory over then-sixth-ranked Oklahoma on the road two weeks ago. K-State's rushing offense is 14th nationally in yards per game at 243.25, and offense as a whole ranks 13th nationally according to Football Outsiders' advanced S&P+ metric.

The Kansas State defense is mediocre, statistically, but the Wildcats are among the tops in the nation at turnover margin (+1.25 turnovers per game), helping them along to a 4-0 record and a top-10 ranking.

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