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Bill Snyder prepares for 'tough, disciplined, aggressive' Iowa State

The coach of No. 6 Kansas State was complimentary in his Tuesday press conference of an Iowa State team that most recently defeated No. 15 TCU.

Ed Zurga - Getty Images

With a 37-23 win over TCU, the Iowa State Cyclones earned themselves a spot in the top 25 of the USA Today coaches' poll and are on the precipice of being ranked in the AP Top 25 as well. To get there though, they'll have to defeat the No. 6 Kansas State Wildcats, who are unbeaten in 2012.

"They are a very disciplined football team," Bill Snyder said of Iowa State during his Tuesday press conference. "They are a very aggressive football team. I think they are a very tough-minded football team."

The Cyclones have had the propensity to upset ranked teams in recent years, taking out No. 15 TCU last week and beating both No. 22 Texas Tech and No. 2 Oklahoma State in 2011. The reasons for their success are comparable to K-State's, according to Snyder.

"They have the attention of their players and their players have a belief in those values, which I think are similar to those values that we have here, and they have been very responsive," Synder said. The sole loss for Iowa State in 2012 came when they lost 24-13 to Texas Tech on Sept. 29.