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College Football Rankings: Alabama, Oregon on top, Kansas State doesn't budge in AP Top 25

Kansas State doesn't move from their No. 4 spot in this week's rankings.

Ed Zurga

The latest AP Top 25 poll is out and the Kansas State Wildcats are not going anywhere this week despite trouncing the No. 13 West Virginia Mountaineers on Saturday. The reason? Every other team above them has also proven their worth. Alabama and Oregon remain on top of the AP poll and Florida sits at No. 3 to give the SEC two of the top three teams in college football.

Kansas State did, however, solidify their ranking atop the Big 12 standings as well as their place in the national championship conversation. They've made it past two of the top contenders for the Big 12 title already and they did it on the road. That should give them a leg up for some staying power and the SEC should weed out one of the top teams in due time.

Of course, K-State has a hard road ahead themselves with so many contenders still to come, including Texas Tech and Texas at season's end.