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College BCS bowl projections: CBS picks Alabama, Kansas State in BCS National Championship Game

The latest college bowl projections are out from CBS Sports and they have very, very good news for fans of the Kansas State Wildcats. In fact, it's the very scenario that most fans would want to play out: a chance to contend for the BCS national championship against Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide.

"Alabama has been a strong No. 1 all season long," writes Jerry Palm. "With its win over West Virginia, Kansas State is now projected to be undefeated and finish No. 2."

It would be a true face-off of polar opposites -- a team that recruits the best players in the country for a SEC program with swagger and a charismatic coach. The Wildcats win with JuCo players and a seasoned, nonchalant head coach who gets his players to believe in themselves and the team concept. So far it's working on both sides.

The Wildcats just defeated West Virginia over the weekend and remain at No. 4 in the AP rankings. It will take a loss of Oregon within the Pac-12 to keep the Ducks out of the way.