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Texas Tech's unheralded defense presents Kansas State with difficult task

Everyone talks about the Texas Tech offense, but the Red Raiders defense is sneaky good

Tom Pennington

The Kansas State and Texas Tech offenses are both averaging 42.9 points per game. That could mean that a quality defensive performance from one side could swing this Saturday's key Big 12 game between the league-leading Wildcats and second-place Red Raiders.

Kansas State receiver Curry Sexton isn't sleeping on the Texas Tech defense, as he said at the team's weekly press conference:

"What is different with Texas Tech this year compared to the past is that they have a really solid defense. We are not just up here saying that. Their defense leads the Big 12 in most statistical categories, and they have been playing well across the board."

Sexton overstates the case for the Red Raiders defense just a bit. Texas Tech is fifth in the conference in scoring defense at 21.6 points per game, second in pass efficiency against, and third in rushing yards per attempt. The Red Raiders do lead the conference in total yards allowed per game, giving up 282 a contest.

The Kansas State defense is playing well itself, holding Geno Smith and the West Virginia attack scoreless into the fourth quarter last Saturday. The Wildcats are second in the conference in scoring defense - they allow 16.1 ppg - and fourth in total defense, at 328 yards allowed per game.