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Bill Snyder: 'Oklahoma State is as good as anybody [in Big 12]'

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder has a lot of respect for Oklahoma State

Ed Zurga

During his weekly press conference about the Oklahoma State Cowboys, Kansas State Wildcats head coach Bill Snyder was showering Oklahoma State with praise. He mentioned that "Oklahoma State is as good as anybody" in the league:

"The point is we see them (Oklahoma State) and we know what kind of football team they are. Everybody that plays them knows what kind of football team they are. Everybody we play, we know what kind of football team they are. The quality in this conference is absolutely amazing. There are no underdogs, in my estimation, of the conference."

Snyder is showing respect to the Cowboys, but he also is not far off with those comments. Oklahoma State is 5-2, 3-1 in league play, and ranked No. 24 in the latest BCS standings. Plus, Oklahoma State has one of the more prolific offenses, putting up 44 points per game, and throwing 347 yards per game.

Kansas State can not take any team lightly if they are to make a run at a Big 12 title, and possibly even playing in the BCS title game. However, Snyder wants none of this talk, and even said that "we are getting ahead of ourselves" by discussing a possible league title at this point in the season. All of his focus is on practice, and preparing for Oklahoma State.