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College football rankings: Will Kansas State jump Alabama after loss to Texas A&M?

The Alabama Crimson Tide lost on Saturday. Will the Wildcats be the top ranked team in the country?

Ronald Martinez

The Alabama Crimson Tide were defeated on Saturday. It's a statement that takes a minute to sink in considering the lead the No. 1 team had in the SEC, but after today's contest against Texas A&M, the Crimson Tide now have to wonder whether or not they'll remain in the national title hunt. At the very least, they have to wait their turn in the standings.

The question is now who will be No. 1 in the new college football rankings after the weekend. Kansas State is currently No. 2 and rode Collin Klein to an undefeated record so far. If the Wildcats can get past TCU, they should be the top-ranked team in the nation. Or should they?

Notre Dame is also undefeated. The Fighting Irish have endured some close wins this season, but they have the attention of the nation and should earn some votes.

In addition, the Oregon Ducks might be the biggest threat to sneak into the No. 1 slot instead of K-State given Chip Kelly's high octane offense. The Ducks are clearly more respected on a national level than the Wildcats despite difference in competition from the Big 12 to the Pac-12. It will be telling to see how the voters rule on Sunday.

If K-State comes out on top against TCU and can take the No. 1 vote, it will mean a significant shift in the way K-State is viewed in the national eye just over the last few weeks. If not, it will only show that they will likely have to win out to warrant the attention coast to coast that they already deserve