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College Football Rankings: Kansas State, Oregon aim for No. 1 position

The K-State Wildcats could be ranked No. 1 in just a few hours when the latest college football polls are released.

Jamie Squire

The Kansas State Wildcats are positioned to add a new feather in Bill Snyder's cap this week. It seems there's bound to be several more this season before everything is said and done. K-State is likely to be the No. 1 ranked team in the nation this week in the latest college football rankings. If so, it will be another accomplishment for a coach who's engineered an incredible turnaround.

K-State has some incredible wins this season in the week to week play of the Big 12. They marched into Morgantown and dominated West Virginia. They did the same against Oklahoma on the road. They've taken out Texas Tech and Oklahoma State and now TCU, taking each opponent apart despite ranking or ability.

"There is a very fine line, and that is a team that can play for a national championship," TCU head coach Gary Patterson said after the most recent K-State victory.

That means that K-State is likely to be the new No. 1 in the nation when the rankings are revealed on Sunday. Oregon is positioned to be the primary challenger for the spot after rolling over Cal, but the Ducks have a less formidable schedule on their resume. They do, however, have the attention of a nation on them already due to Chip Kelly's high octane offense and previous appearance in a national title game in recent years.

The highest AP poll finish in any year of Snyder's storied career is No. 7, which he accomplished twice. Either way, Snyder's already established new career marks.