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Projected BCS Standings: Kansas State over Oregon and Notre Dame in Week 11

The K-State Wildcats could find themselves at the top of the all-important BCS standings in Week 11.

Ed Zurga

A new round of BCS standings will come out on Sunday for Week 11. And for the first time in a very long time, the SEC will find itself content to simply sit at the table. Instead, it's Kansas State, Notre Dame and Oregon who find themselves in the conversation of who matters the most.

In the moment that Texas A&M finally defeated Alabama, the entire world of college football breathed a collective sigh. The dominant run was over. There would be a new No. 1. It's not to say that Alabama is out of the title picture or even that they are not the best overall team in the nation. But after weeks, months or even years of SEC dominance, suddenly the tide has turned in 2012.

In SB Nation's most recent projected standings from Samuel Chi, Kansas State is the team at the top followed by Oregon and Notre Dame. It's a scenario that could leave an undefeated team on the outside looking in -- not for the first time -- and position the national championship between Oregon and Kansas State. Here's your look at the top 10:

Projected BCS standings, November 11:
1. Kansas State
2. Oregon
3. Notre Dame
4. Alabama
5. Georgia
6. Florida
7. LSU
8. South Carolina
9. Texas A&M
10. Florida State

You can catch the complete list of projections here.