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NCAA Football Rankings, Week 12: Kansas State moves up to No. 2 in Coaches' Poll

After Alabama lost and Kansas State beat TCU, the Wildcats knew they had a chance to move up in the rankings. With this week's Coaches' Poll out, Kansas State is currently at No. 2.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Another week down and Kansas State is still undefeated and has moved up in the rankings again. On the heels of a win over TCU and an Alabama loss to Texas A&M, the Wildcats are now No. 2 in the Coaches' Poll.

The Wildcats also received 14 first-place votes, second only to Oregon, who received 44 and is the new No. 1 team in the country.

Oregon took care of business this week and secured that top spot by beating Cal 59-17 on the road.

After the Ducks and Wildcats, Notre Dame comes in at No. 3. That trio of teams is alo 10-0, making these last few weeks crucial if any of those teams wants to play for a National Championship.

Kansas State travels to Baylor for its next game on Saturday.

Last week's No. 1, Alabama, lost at home to Texas A&M and fell to No. 5 behind the Georgia Builldogs. The Aggies, meanwhile moved up to No. 10 with the win.

The complete Coaches' Poll can be found below:

1. Oregon
2. Kansas State
3. Notre Dame
4. Georgia
5. Alabama
6. Florida State
7. Florida
8. LSU
9. Clemson
10. Texas A&M
11. South Carolina
12. Oklahoma
13. Stanford
14. Nebraska
15. Texas
16. UCLA
17. Oregon State
18. Louisville
19. La. Tech
20. Rutgers
21. USC
22. Boise State
23. Michigan
24. Oklahoma State
25. Texas Tech