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Bill Snyder keeps Kansas State football focused on present

Bill Snyder knows that Kansas St. needs to keep his Wildcats from looking ahead.

Jamie Squire

If the season ended today, Kansas St. would be on its way to the national title game. They are 8-0 an ranked No. 2 in the BCS, obviously a strong contender to win the national championship so they have plenty to look forward too, but Bill Snyder isn't looking forward to anything. He is completely focused on the present, and that means the Oklahoma St. Cowboys.

Once again, it is my belief that if that is what we are thinking about, we are getting ahead of ourselves. I do not know how many times I have to say it, but we are thinking about our practice this afternoon. I say that with all sincerity. I try to take care of that in terms of our preparation for Oklahoma State, and if there is anything else on my mind or the coaches’ and players’ minds, we are setting ourselves up, and I certainly hope we do not do that.

This is not the 73-year-old's first go around so he knows the importance of not looking too far forward. He was in this position 13 years ago, the last time a Kansas St. team started 8-0, but a loss to Nebraska ended their dreams of a national championship. The previous season a Big 12 Title Game loss to Texas A&M did them in.

With five teams still undefeated, and a pretty accomplished crop of one-loss teams behind them, just one loss can knock the Wildcats from national title contention. They can't afford to look ahead or Oklahoma St. will become this year's Nebraska or A&M.