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Collin Klein on Baylor loss: 'Heartbreaking does not even begin to describe it'

Collin Klein said that Kansas State's loss to the Baylor Bears was more than just heartbreaking, but the team has already begun to get back to work.

Ronald Martinez

The Kansas State Wildcats were hurt in a couple of ways when they suffered their first loss of the season against the Baylor Bears, 52-24. Most importantly, their chances at making the BCS Championship Game, of which they were a shoe-in before the loss, took an enormous hit. They'll certainly be in a BCS bowl, but it may take a bit of luck in addition to a bit of skill if they want to play for the biggest game in College football.

It will likely be up to quarterback and Heisman Trophy candidate Collin Klein to get them there, despite the disappointment that came from the tough loss.

When asked about getting back to work after the tough loss during K-State's weekly press conference, Klein said, "It is just something that we have to do. Heartbreaking does not even describe it, but at the same time we just have to make sure that we do not let Baylor beat us twice."

K-State will play Texas on Dec. 1 before awaiting their Bowl fate. A strong performance against the Longhorns will be their final audition.