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Bill Snyder wants Big 12 to go back to having a title game

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder is in the minority when he says that he wants the league to go back to having a championship game.

Ed Zurga

The Kansas St. Wildcats are on the verge of winning a Big 12 conference title this weekend when they play the Texas Longhorns. A win for the Wildcats will give them the conference title, as well as a berth to the Fiesta Bowl.

However, despite that Saturday is essentially a Big 12 title game for the Wildcats, Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder wants the Big 12 to go back to hosting a title game. Snyder feels that having a title game keeps more interest involved in the league all the way to the end of the regular season:

"There are a lot of schools in the conference that are given up for lost and a lot of people go home before the last ballgame because they haven't fared well. With that system [conference championship game], people were still in the hunt and fans continued to support them, and it kept players excited about the opportunities that existed. It was a positive thing for the game."

Snyder specifically mentions his 2009 team that finished 6-6. That team still had a shot in the final weekend of the regular season to win the North division and then move onto the conference title game. He also mentioned how the Big 12 championship appearances that Kansas State participated in greatly helped the program.

However, the only way for the Big 12 to host a title game is for the league to expand from 10 to 12 teams. The majority of the Big 12 coaches and athletic directors are fine with the current set up.