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Final 2012 BCS rankings: K-State finishes as No. 5 team in nation

Kansas State have accepted their invitation to the Fiesta Bowl and end the season as the BCS No. 5 team in the nation.


At one point, the Kansas State Wildcats looked like favorites to make it to the BCS National Championship game, but they had to settle in the end with a No. 5 ranking by BCS and an invite to a slightly less prestigious BCS bowl. Only Notre Dame, Alabama, Florida and Oregon, their eventual opponent in the Fiesta Bowl, received higher rankings to end the season.

No. 1 Notre Dame will face No. 2 Alabama in the Championship following Bama's win in the SEC Title Game.

For their part, K-State blog Bring On The Cats is just happy that this year, there's absolutely no controversy to be had -- Kansas State solidly earned the Fiesta Bowl bid and their final spot in the BCS with a solid season, better than anyone else in the conference could muster:

There's no controversy this year. No torches and pitchforks for bowls that would pass up top-10 K-State for Michigan or Virginia Tech. The Wildcats are Big 12 champions and have the conference's automatic bid to the Fiesta Bowl.

K-State will move on to play the Oregon Ducks in the Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 3.