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Kansas State launches Legacy Brick Program for West Stadium Center construction

A Legacy Brick program will allow Wildcat fans to have their own piece of the new West Stadium Center.


Kansas St. Wildcats fans can gain a personal stake in the construction of the West Stadium Center, the school's website reports. A Legacy Brick program has been announced, giving fans a chance to have their name etched in the Wildcats' latest development.

Bricks will cost $175-350 and come in different sizes. Each purchase will also come with a replica for fans to display at home.

The West Stadium Center is expected to be completed prior to the 2013 football season. If the coming seasons are anything like 2012, the school will likely see plenty of fans who want their name to be attached to K-State. The Wildcats defeated the Texas Longhorns to win the Big 12 Championship and posted only one loss in the regular season.