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Kansas State Vs. Missouri: Wildcats Lead Tigers By 10 At Halftime

After the first half of play, the Kansas State Wildcats lead the Missouri Tigers on the road by a score of 40-30. The Wildcats came into the game as 10-point underdogs against the No. 3 Tigers, but when the two teams met earlier in January, they defeated the (then No. 6) Tigers by a score of 75-59. This is considered a much bigger game for the Tigers, who could make a huge impact on their chances of making it into the NCAA tournament with a win over Baylor and Missouri in two games in a row.

The Wildcats were led by junior guard Rodney McGruder, who scored 14 points against he Tigers in the first half. Jamar Samuels added eight and Thomas Gipson came off the bench to score seven for Kansas State. Missouri was led by senior guard Marcus Denmon, who scored eight in the first half. Phil Pressey added six and Michael Dixon came off the bench to score eight as well.

This will be a big second half for both teams as the Tigers are looking to head into the tournament with a No. 1 seed and the Wildcats just want to play basketball in March.

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