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Kansas State Looks To Finish 6-0 Against Texas A&M And Missouri In 2011-2012

For those people who are now anti Missouri & Texas A&M due to their move to the SEC following this season they should instantly become K-State fans when the Wildcats visit College Station on Tuesday night.

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With their extremely impressive 78-68 road victory against Missouri last Tuesday night the Kansas State Wildcats have given themselves an opportunity to accomplish something no other team in the Big 12 can claim.

If Frank Martin and company can pull off another road win on Tuesday down in College Station they will have swept both Texas A&M and the Missouri Tigers. Combine these four wins in basketball along with the two wins in football against the Tigers and Aggies and K-State would be the only Big 12 school to finish undefeated in the 2011-2012 football and basketball sports year against the schools defecting to the SEC.

While the hard feelings will surely die down in time there are still many K-State, KU, Iowa State & others who have some less than kind feelings towards both A&M and Mizzou. No doubt the Kansas State players will be hearing from their fellow students along with the fans about going down and completing the sweep of the "SEC" schools. The KSU players definitely were aware of their fellow student's strong desire for a victory in Columbia to finish out the year 3-0 against their former North division opponent.

Naturally the Wildcats final trip to Reed Arena definitely cannot be considered a surefire victory as Oklahoma has showed twice that K-State is susceptible to losing to inferior opponents. So while the overall importance of the game does not seem to be very high as K-State is almost a lock for the NCAA Tournament, a victory against A&M would give at least a certain portion of the KSU fanbase an extra little bit of satisfaction.