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2012 NCAA Tournament: Kansas State Stands Decent Chance Against Syracuse

The Kansas State Wildcats have a major contest ahead of them today when they face off against the top seeded Syracuse Orange today in the third round of the 2012 NCAA Tournament. But Fran Fraschilla of ESPN says that the Wildcats are going to be a more formidable challenge than what most people might believe a No. 8 seed will be.

Fraschilla writes, “The Wildcats battled teams of Syracuse’s quality all season in the Big 12 — Kansas, Missouri and Baylor — and should have the confidence to go toe to toe with Syracuse. In that respect, they will embody their coach’s intensity. So what the Wildcats need to do is go right after Syracuse on both ends of the court from the opening tip. They must play aggressively, but with poise, and keep the pressure on the Orange the way UNC-Asheville did for 40 minutes.”

Frank Martin’s team has certainly done well this season in key moments against the Tigers, for example. But the inconsistency of the team makes it difficult to tell how things will go. The potential is definitely there and there’s no doubt that ‘Cuse is more vulnerable than most No. 1 seeds. Perhaps more upsets await in today’s action.

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