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Frank Martin To South Carolina Rumors: No Deal Done Yet

Despite countless reports suggesting a deal is near and a contract is already in place, Frank Martin has not yet accepted a deal to leave his post as the Kansas State head basketball coach for the same position at South Carolina, according to ESPN's Andy Katz.

Katz says that Martin spent Monday with South Carolina officials, and he is currently contemplating accepting the school's offer, which is reportedly for $2.05 million dollars on an annual basis (he's paid $1.45 million at Kansas State).

An official introduction for Martin as the new head coach could come as early as Tuesday, if he accepts the offer.

Despite South Carolina's serious interest in Martin, Kansas State athletic director John Currie has not offered him a beefed up contract to keep him with the Wildcats. Reports have suggested tension between Martin and members of the athletic administration at Kansas State.

His current contract with the school runs through 2015.

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