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Frank Martin Accepts South Carolina Offer, According To Report

According to a report by's Jeff Goodman, Frank Martin has signed a six-year deal worth $12 million to become the next head coach of South Carolina replacing Darrin Horn. Martin reportedly confirmed the hiring on Monday.

Also included in the report was that Martin called Kansas State athletic director John Currie on Monday to resign and Currie made little effort in attempting to retain Martin.

Martin has taken the Wildcats to the NCAA Tournament in four of his five seasons since becoming head coach of the program and has a 117-54 record.

Martin was visibly angry following the Wildcats loss to Syracuse in the NCAA Tournament after forward Jamar Samuels was suspended prior to the game for an NCAA violation. Martin said in the post game press conference that the decision to suspend Samuels came from athletic director Currie. He was clearly not happy with the decision and apparently began looking for a new job.

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