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Frank Martin To South Carolina: Andy Katz Discusses The Move

Frank Martin left the Kansas State Wildcats because he was unsatisfied. So, he's head to the South Carolina Gamecocks? I may not appear to make sense at first glance, but this is a good fit for Martin, personally. Not only is he going receive a pay raise, but he's some place where he can start fresh and develop new relationships that I imagine he hops are better than the one's he had at K-State.

Andy Katz points out on Sportscenter that going to South Carolina puts Martin closer to home, which is in South Florida, but more interesting, his intrigue in the Gamecocks' athletic program. This, from Katz referencing his source that was close to the situation.

"The source said Martin was intrigued by joining an athletic department that has a national champion baseball team, Steve Spurrier coaching football and Dawn Staley as coach of the women's team. Martin also is interested in working for athletic director Eric Hyman and wants the challenge of getting the Gamecocks to the top of the SEC."

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