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Frank Martin To South Carolina: Contract Details Emerge, Coach Introduced

Frank Martin made his first impression on the South Carolina Gamecocks community on Tuesday, with giving the minute-to-minute details of it all on Twitter.

New details have emerged in regards to Martin's contract, such as him being the fourth-highest paid basketball coach in the Southeastern Conference now. Martin signed a six-year deal worth $11.9 million, which will pay him $1.9 million in the first year, $2 million in the second, and $2.1 million for rest.

If Martin leaves the Gamecocks after one year, he will owe the university $4 million, which drops to $3 million in the second year, then down to $1.5 million. If Martin were to be fired, South Carolina would pay Martin 66 percent of his guaranteed compensation per year for the remaining years of his contract, according to

It appears that Martin is going to hold that same old stern look on his face in his time at South Carolina.

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