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Robert Upshaw Won't Follow Frank Martin To South Carolina

Because Robert Upshaw, a 7'0 275 center from Southern California rated No. 43 nationally in the class of 2012 by Rivals, didn't sign a letter of intent when he verbally committed to Kansas State last year, he was able to re-open his commitment following Frank Martin's departure to South Carolina.

However, Kansas State fans can take some consolation in the fact the four-star center seems to have little interest in following the coach he recruited him to his new school:

"It's going to take some time to process," said Upshaw, who had included Fresno State, Georgetown and Louisville in his original final four. "It's a big deal where I'm going, so I'm not going to make a quick decision."

"I'm a little concerned because I had three years to figure it out before," he said, "and now I have to do the right amount of research and develop new relationships with coaches in a matter of days. That's going to be a challenge."

In the interview with the Fresno Bee, he left open the possibility of still coming to Manhattan next year, although that will obviously depend on how he feels about whoever the school hires to replace Martin.

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