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Kentucky Vs. Kansas: John Calipari Might Play Zone For Thomas Robinson

The final day is here. Kansas versus Kentucky will be played tonight in New Orleans for the national title, and so many are making this about the All-Americans involved: Thomas Robinson and Anthony David. Kentucky coach John Calipari says his team knows all about Robinson and is prepared to shift their play for him.

"We know how good Thomas Robinson is. We all know. We went against him in New York. He is as good as they get," Calipari said. "He’s a vicious competitor, great around the rim, expanded his game. He can make the top of the key 3. Loves driving that thing hard left and getting to the rim. He has become a better handler and passer, rebounds. So we know how good he is.I don’t really know who is going to guard him. We may play a 2-3 zone. Those guys are so big, we may fall into a zone. I haven’t played that very often, but we may do it."

It would be an odd move, but at the very least, While the All-American is definitely something opposing teams have to plan for, announcing such a big move to reporters is likely just playing the media and giving us all something to talk about. Robinson does present a match-up issue, especially with Jeff Withey also available inside. Maybe Calipari is in all of our heads now. We will find out soon enough.

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