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Kansas' Bill Self Calls Coach Of The Year Award A 'Terrific Honor'

The Kansas Jayhawks not only had an incredible season to remember, but the postseason is shaping up quite excellently as well. The Jayhawks won their eighth straight Big 12 conference title in 2011-12, and now they’re down to the final two competing for the title of National Champs. That performance taken together has earned Bill Self the Naismith Coach of the Year trophy.

"This is a terrific honor. When you think of postseason awards, anything that has (James) Nasmith’s name in front of it is a huge award and certainly I’m very proud of this," Self said. "It is a reflection of how our team performed all year long. There are so many good coaches out there to choose from, but I am honored they picked me."

Kansas has their biggest obstacle yet in front of them when they face Kentucky tonight in New Orleans. The team is loaded with NBA ready talent led by Anthony Davis. Then again, Self has been playing favored teams at several points this year and come out ahead. Tonight is just another chance for the Jayhawks to shine when they’re not expected to.

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