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2012 NCAA Tournament Championship: Kansas Jayhawks Had Not Seen Anything Like Kentucky Wildcats All Season

There was never any type of inferiority complex held by the Kansas Jayhawks in the way they viewed the top-ranked Kentucky Wildcats going into the NCAA tournament championship game on Monday.

However, some of the players did admit that Kentucky's versatility among its talent was something that was unprecedented even for the stellar teams. Still, the Jayhawks made about as tough an effort as one could against a team that was most certainly primed for a title run this season.

This is what Elijah Johnson had to say to the media following Monday's loss to Kentucky:

"No one could tell us that we were going to lose except for the scoreboard. We said, 'If they're going to beat us, they're going to remember us. They're going to feel the last of us.'"

"Let's be realistic. They have six players that can score 30 points on any given night. We're used to scouting reports where only one guy can score 30."

"They've got four players that can bring the ball up the court," Johnson said. "For someone to get the rebound and just put it on the floor and go, that puts you on your heels. We haven't seen that very much this year."

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