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Bruce Weber Meets With Kansas State Team, Works On Upcoming Schedule

The Kansas City Star has a spotlight on Bruce Weber "settling in" at Kansas State, including the usual stories of wall-to-wall meetings, evaluations and planning that new coaches jump into (living out of a hotel, multiple cell phones, the works...). In addition to talking about an upcoming trip to Brazil for the team, as well as announcing that the Wildcats' two early open spots in the 2012-'13 schedule would be at home, Weber gave a quick breakdown of his impressions of the team's top talent:

Martavious Irving – "I like him. He’s got a good body and a nice jump shot."

Shane Southwell – "He is one guy I noticed. He’s got a great body and has some basketball instincts."

Thomas Gipson – "Man does he have a big body."

Will Spradling – "Probably has the most skill when you consider everything, but I like them all."

Jordan Henriquez – "Jordan has a lot of ability. He hit a couple threes yesterday. I didn’t know he had that in his bag of tricks. I asked him if he ever did any pick-and-pops, and he said, ‘No, they just had me driving to the hoop, but I can do that stuff.’ He made some shots, so that was positive."

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