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College Conference Realignment: Big 12 Commish Will Remain Vigilant

Incoming Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby says he will remain vigilant in regards to conference expansion.

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A year ago, it looked like the Big 12 as we know it would be destroyed, with rumors swirling with the Pac-12 poaching Oklahoma and others away. The Big 12 survived, though, and now might be looking to expand from its current 10 schools. Incoming commissioner Bob Bowlsby said that conference realignment is something "we all have to be vigilant about."

Conversation about conference realignment has been fueled by a slew of rumors coming out of Florida State, who is apparently unhappy with the ACC, and specifically, the ACC's new deal with ESPN. Consequently, rumors have been swirling, linking Florida State and the Big 12.

According to Texas' athletic director, who serves on the Big 12's expansion committee, there is no traction to the rumors.

Texas athletics director DeLoss Dodds, a member of the league's four-man expansion committee, was close to dismissive of FSU's posturing in remarks to the Austin American-Statesman. "There's no traction" he said of the speculation.

"They're a long ways away," Dodds said of the Seminoles. "There've been no conversations between Florida State and the Big 12."

Courtships between conferences and schools are always strange and, quite bluntly, shady, so it comes as no surprise that Dodds shot down the speculation.

Undoubtedly, this story will continue throughout the summer, and could very well end with Florida State as a member of the Big 12.