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Kansas State Wildcats Move Up In Latest BlogPoll

The Kansas State Wildcats are getting a little more respect out of SB Nation's BlogPoll -- at least compared to's latest college football rankings. The Wildcats actually moved up in the second BlogPoll of the offseason, moving up from No. 18 to No. 15.

In 2011, Kansas State was one of college football's best teams -- and certainly one of the best teams not to play in a BCS game. The Wildcats lost to Arkansas 29-16 in the Cotton Bowl, which is the most prestigious non-BCS bowl game.

Expectations are rightfully high for Kansas State this year, as the program looks to build on 2011's success. Playing in the Big 12, K-State will have plenty of opportunities to prove themselves BCS worthy, with games at Oklahoma, West Virginia, TCU and Baylor, and with home games. Though K-State's out-of-conference schedule isn't strong, a date against Miami in Week 2 will certainly be a game to garner national interest.

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