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Kansas State Basketball Recruiting: 3-Star Forward Chooses Bruce Weber Over Xavier, Boston College

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Alex Etherington has quite the story to tell -- one of believing he'd possibly never play again, let alone play basketball, to accepting an offer from Bruce Weber at Kansas State. The newest addition to the 2013 class for Weber is a three-star forward from Indiana who has already overcome an incredible amount of adversity to play, and that level of character and determination should pay off when combined with his skills on the court for the Wildcats.

Etherington was temporarily paralyzed after having his legs taken out from under him in a high school game going up for a dunk during his sophomore season.

When "I remember I was lying there saying, 'I can't move,'" said Etherington. "I had no clue. I was scared. I've never been that scared in my life."

Etherington is a 6-6, 190 lb. guard from Hamilton Heights who also reportedly considered Xavier, Boston College and St. Joseph's among others.

"When I was there, I fell in love with everything about it," Etherington said. "There weren't any negatives. Everything felt right."