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Big 12 Media Days: Conference Commish Bob Bowlsby Not Ready For Expansion Yet

As new Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby addressed the media gathered in Dallas, Texas this morning for the opening remarks of the conference's media days set to run today and Tuesday, the bigger questions focus on the conference's future plans.

With the entrance of a new permanent commish, it makes sense to wonder where the Big 12 will go after losing Missouri and Texas A&M while adding new members in West Virginia and TCU. Will the Big 12 continue to expand given its newfound stability and partnership in the Champions Bowl with the SEC? Apparently Bowlsby isn't quite ready to do anything drastic.

Of course, no one is voting today and the Big 12 is the one major conference that seems best suited for expansion. Several potential members have been mentioned including Louisville, Cincinnati, Clemson and others, but nothing will happen for now. Expect the rumors to continue, however, until anyone makes a definitive statement to the contrary.

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