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Big 12 Media Days: Charlie Weis Speaks About Accepting Penn State Transfers For Kansas

With the recent punishment doled out on Penn State by the NCAA, the team's football program is likely to see many changes in the form of player transfers. While some will stay on, honor their commitment and help a storied program ride out the storm ahead, others will realize a move must be made to maximize their pro potential. Thus it's not surprising that Charlie Weis, head coach at Kansas, was asked about potential transfers during the Big 12 Media Days on Tuesday.

Weis took a question right out of the gate about whether or not he would accept a transfer from Penn State. Surprisingly, he was quite frank and willing to discuss the merit of the idea.

"Yes, I'll elaborate just a tad," said Weis. "So I think that, first of all, you have to be respectful to Coach O'Brien and the people who are trying to make good of a bad situation. But, at the same time, the rules are the rules. And there's several players that, when the dust settles, when the dust settles, I think there will be several players that entertain the thought of going somewhere else, especially the way it was presented to them. So I think that any program that didn't do homework prior to this decision coming out, you know, was behind on that one"

Weis has already brought in a number of transfers who are going to make an impact on the Kansas program, and his pro style offense and personal connections could make the Jayhawks a good destination for a player looking for the right fit. It will be interesting to see where players choose to go with the season coming up shortly. Perhaps some jump to the Big 12 and even to a Kansas team in need of more impact talent.

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