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Big 12 Media Days: Kansas Head Coach Charlie Weis Discusses New Starting QB Dayne Crist

The Big 12 Media Days continued on Tuesday and Kansas Jayhawks head coach Charlie Weis took his time on the dais to address the assembled reporters. One of the hot topics of conversation regarding KU football is the new starting quarterback and captain, Dayne Crist, only a few months removed from mulling whether to transfer to Kansas from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Weis was asked about Crist being able to earn the respect of his teammates and coaches in such a short amount of time.

Well, obviously Dayne and I have known each other since going back to early high school days when we first got involved in the whole recruiting process. But I think that when he came here, it really wasn't about me selling him on me. Our relationship is wonderful. It was whether or not he thought that he could come in here and be competitive or not.

So he spent the whole time with the offensive line. Shows you he's a very intelligent young man because he wanted to know whether or not he thought that the offensive line would give him an opportunity.

And I think that he's such a natural leader that it was easy for the players to follow and the skill players. But I think that if you haven't won over the offensive line, I think that's a great place to start.

I was also happy when the team voted for captains that it was a close vote between him and Tanner, because I thought that if there was no one on the existing team that the players thought highly of, that would have sent an awfully bad message to me that no one, none of the previous teammates, were respected or revered, and I think
I was very happy the way that all turned out.

Obviously, the Jayhawks fans are eager to see what sort of success Crist will be able to bring to the team. 2012 could potentially be a very bright year for Kansas in the Big 12.

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