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Kansas State Ranked No. 6 In Preseason College Football Poll At Sporting News

The common thread linking most preseason prognostications concerning the Kansas State football program is the belief that they overachieved last season. Even the Big 12 media poll, who saw them up close each and every game in 2011 when Bill Snyder's team won 10 games, picked the Wildcats to finish sixth in the Big 12. However, Sporting News sees things quite differently.

The preseason poll is out from TSN and Matt Hayes and Steve Greenberg believe that the Wildcats will finish as the second best team in the Big 12 -- and in the top six in the nation. Another strong BCS finish would bode well for K-State's future and quell the doubters who see them as one-season wonders:

When K-State week comes up on the schedule, you'd better be prepared to bring the full force of your ability. There should no longer be any doubt the Wildcats will pick off any opponent that takes them lightly.

Not that anyone will do that this season. Bill Snyder's team excelled in 2011 and won't be overlooked. Quarterback Collin Klein has lost the element of surprise, so he'll need to be even better. A Heisman candidate, Klein has one of the swiftest receivers out there in Tyler Lockett and is surrounded by players who were with him a year ago. Linebacker Arthur Brown was the Big 12's defensive newcomer of the year last season.

The Wildcats finished 10-3 in 2011 with a season-ending loss to Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl.