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2012 K-State Football Schedule: A Second Look At The Wildcats Season Ahead

The college football schedule for Kansas State for the 2012 season was announced all the way back in February. Have the inital thoughts regarding the schedule changed in the past few months?

Jul 23, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; Kansas State Wildcats head coach Bill Snyder speaks to reporters during Big 12 Media Day at the Westin Galleria.  Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE
Jul 23, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; Kansas State Wildcats head coach Bill Snyder speaks to reporters during Big 12 Media Day at the Westin Galleria. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE

It is hard to believe that it has been six months since the 2012 Kansas State football schedule was announced. Immediately when the schedule came out most hardcore fans probably took a look and made their predictions for how the team should do. Naturally six months is a long time not only in life but especially in the world of college athletics and some factors have changed that may have changed people's opinions on the outcome of how some games might turn out such as players not making grades or being suspended.

So let's take a look at the K-State schedule and see what, if any, games may have fans thinking differently in August than they were back in February.

September 1st - Missouri State - Manhattan, KS

Initial Take: No chance that the Wildcats struggle with a Terry Allen coached football team and unlike last season the home opener turns into a laugher.

Current Take: No change as everyone should be expecting to be able and evaluate the backups early and often.

September 8th - Miami (Fla) - Manhattan, KS

Initial Take: This should be a good early season challenge but being as how K-State won last year in Miami and this game is in Manhattan , it should be a Wildcat victory.

Current Take: Honestly this should be a game that K-State and their fans should expect to win semi-comfortably as Miami will be breaking in many new starters and figures to be a much better later in the year than in the beginning. The recent dismissal of safety Ray-Ray Armstrong seriously hurts the Hurricanes defense and should make things easier on the K-State offense.

September 15th - North Texas - Manhattan, KS

Initial Take: Another easy victory that brings the teams record to 3-0.

Current Take: No change as this by all accounts looks like a tune-up before taking on Oklahoma.

September 22nd - Oklahoma Sooners - Norman, OK

Initial Take: Most likely the Wildcats first loss of the season as it is very rare for any team to head into Norman and come out with a victory against a loaded Oklahoma team.

Current Take: Pretty much the same opinion still exists on this game as only the most optimistic K-State fan could be predicting a Wildcat victory but there have been some occurrences that make this game more interesting. In fairly recent news the Sooners have lost two of their starting offensive linesman due to injury and their receiving core will still be needing to prove themselves. In addition the Sooners have to replace both starting defensive end positions from last season along with their starting middle linebacker so there is some hope that K-State can control the clock and the game by running the football.

October 6th - Kansas - Manhattan, KS

Initial Take: Yet another Bill Snyder led beat-down of their state rivals.

Current Take: Absolutely no change in likely both KU and K-State's fans minds of the outcome in this one.

October 13th - Iowa State - Ames, IA

Initial Take: Obviously a dangerous stadium to play in as Mike Gundy can attest too but a game where every K-State fan would think that their team should win.

Current Take: Yet another game where the opinion of what should happen really has not changed over the course of the year. Iowa State is still a rebuilding program led by a very good coach in Paul Rhoades but they are still uncertain at the quarterback position and if K-State does not beat themselves they should win the game.

October 20th - West Virginia - Morgantown, WV

Initial Take: When first seeing that the Wildcats initial Big 12 game against the Mountaineers would be in Morgantown it was pretty much thought that this would likely be a Wildcats loss as WVU was coming off an impressive beat-down of Clemson in the Orange Bowl.

Current Take: Over the course of time people have been able to take a look at West Virginia and the thought has changed that this game might be more of a toss-up than initially thought. Losses last year to Syracuse and Louisville combined with narrow victories over teams like Maryland and Cincinnati make people think they might have over-estimated the strength of this former Big East School. This could possibly be the game where the thought process has changed the most on.

October 27h - Texas Tech - Manhattan, KS

Initial Take: After winning last year down in Lubbock this should once again be a home win against a program possibly on the way down.

Current Take: It would seem that the opinion on this game has not likely changed as not much is really expected of Tommy Tuberville's squad.

November 3rd - Oklahoma State - Manhattan, KS

Initial Take: A really tough home game against a team coming off a BCS game victory but a game where K-State should likely be favored as the Cowboys have to replace their star quarterback and wide receiver.

Current Take: Maybe just a touch more optimism in the Wildcats chances here as the Cowboys have announced they are going with a true freshman at quarterback. While no one thinks of this game as a sure thing most everyone would expect the Wildcats to be favored to enact some revenge on the Cowboys for their loss last season in Stillwater.

November 10th -TCU - Fort Worth, TX

Initial Take: Another tough road game where the chances of victory are probably 50/50 at best with a loss maybe predicted.

Current Take: Much like the game against West Virginia the opinion in recent months is that the Wildcats may have a better shot than originally predicted. There has been turmoil surrounding the TCU program in recent months and they may get worn down in the Big 12 having to play top level competition on a weekly basis. Another road game where a victory is not fully expected but many think this game is more in play than they did a few months ago.

November 17th -Baylor - Waco, TX

Initial Take: A very winnable road game against a Baylor program looking to rebuild after losing Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III.

Current Take: This is the first game where the overall thought of the Wildcats chances of winning has likely decreased. Back in February the situation at quarterback for the Bears looked to be shaky even with the strong play shown last season by Nick Florence in his only game against Texas Tech but recent media reports have shown much more optimism regarding Florence and the Bears chances this season.

December 1st - Texas - Manhattan, KS

Initial Take: The final home game of the season would be a fun one as the Wildcats once again get to show their dominance over the Longhorns.

Current Take: Pretty much the same exact opinion as the Longhorns still seem to be missing the key piece at the quarterback position.