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SB Nation Preseason All-America Team: Kansas St.'s Bill Snyder An Honorable Mention

Kansas State Wildcats football coach Bill Snyder received an honorable mention in SB Nation's Preseason All-American Team. Synder came in right behind Alabama's Nick Saban, who got the nod to coach the All-American team.

Synder's Wildcats posted a 10-2 record last season, beating both Baylor and Texas on their way to a Cotton Bowl matchup against Arkansas. Kansas State lost to the Hogs in that game, but it set up big expectations for the Wildcats for 2012.

In his preview of the Kansas State's 2012 season, SB Nation's Bill Connelly, had this to say about Synder:

At this point, if K-State goes 2-10 for every year between now and when Snyder retires, it won't change anything. Snyder will still have been one of college football's greatest coaches, one of its most accomplished magicians. He took over a program with nothing -- literally, nothing -- going for it in 1989 and turned it into a national power, then he came back and won 10 games again (at least once) just for old time's sake. That said, it's safe to say that he doesn't think he is finished. Despite Klein, Brown, Malone and company, Kansas State faces a rough schedule with no margin for error once again. The head (and the numbers) think that repeating last year's success is probably too much to ask. The heart, though? Different story. Are you willing to bet against Bill Snyder at this point? Didn't think so.

Kansas State opens the season on September 1 with a game against Missouri State.

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