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Kansas State Basketball: Wildcats Scrimmage Before Brazil Trip

Kansas State scrimmaged in preparation for a new coach and new international rules before leaving for South America.

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As Kansas State men's basketball players adjust to a new head coach in Bruce Weber, the team is also adjusting to international rules as they prepare for a 10-day trip to play in Brazil before the season begins. On the eve of their journey, Weber had his team scrimmage and try to play with the conditions that they'll play under when touring Sao Paolo and Rio De Janeiro.

Approximately 2,000 fans greeted the team in the early part of August to watch the team scrimmage under Weber's coaching and the new coach said he liked what he saw.

"I liked our energy today," said Weber. "We got up-and-down pretty good and lots of guys were involved. We still have work to do before we head to Brazil, but it was nice to play a scrimmage in front of a crowd and give our team an actual live game situation."

K-State will have three more practices before departing for Brazil on Wednesday. The 10-day trip from August 8-17 will include five games against Brazilian club teams in the cities of Sao Paulo (August 9-12) and Rio de Janeiro (August 12-16).

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