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K-State's Arthur Brown Shows Up Miami With Stellar Defensive Performance

Kansas State linebacker Arthur Brown haunted his former team, the Miami Hurricanes, in a 52-13 route by the Wildcats on Saturday. And he insists it had nothing to do with playing against his old pals, according to the Topeka Capital-Journal.

"We approach every game the same. We prepare for the games the same," Brown said. "This game in particular was a great one with me playing at Miami, but there was nothing personal against them."

Brown had 10 tackles on the day, few larger than a sack near the goal line on a third down with Kansas State leading 31-6. Fellow Wildcats linebacker Justin Tuggle said Brown's play, and that of the defense as a whole, had much to do with the talk outside of the program criticizing the lack of pressure Kansas State put on opposing quarterbacks in the season opener against Missouri State.

"We heard that a lot at practice," Tuggle said. "We heard that a lot around the complex and a lot in the media as well. We took it upon ourselves to go out there and get after the quarterback today and get after the offensive line."

The No. 15-ranked Wildcats' defense responded, allowing only 40 yards on the ground and 13 first downs while forcing three turnovers.

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