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College Football Rankings, Week 4: Kansas State Climbs To No. 13

It was a very good week for the Big 12 Conference in the USA Today Coaches Poll. The conference placed five teams in the top 16, matching the SEC for the most teams in that grouping. The Oklahoma Sooners sit as the highest Big 12 team at No. 5, followed by West Virginia at No. 7.

The Texas Longhorns were able to round out the top 10 at No. 10 for the Big 12. Kansas State was at No. 13 and TCU, the other newcomer to the Big 12 with West Virginia, was at No. 16. Oklahoma State was the sixth Big 12 team in the top 25 at No. 25. Baylor, Texas Tech, and Iowa State all received a number of votes as well, leaving Kansas as the lone Big 12 team not ranked in any way.

Even former Big 12 teams are doing well with Nebraska at No. 22, Missouri with 18 votes, and Texas A&M with seven votes.

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