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College Football Rankings, Week 4: Kansas State Drops In BlogPoll Top 25

The Kansas State Wildcats maintained their perfect record with a two-touchdown win over North Texas on Saturday, but it wasn't enough to move them up in SB Nation's version of the college football rankings. BlogPoll Top 25 voters dropped the Wildcats two spots to No. 14 on Tuesday.

There are four other Big-12 teams in the BlogPoll. Oklahoma leads the group at No. 6, with West Virginia close behind in the seventh spot. Texas checks in at No. 12, and the TCU Horned Frogs dropped one spot to No. 17.

Alabama is on top again, garnering 89 of 90 first-place votes. The Crimson Tide are followed by LSU, Oregon, and Georgia, with Florida State rounding out the top five.

Missouri received some recognition from the voters, garnering votes after their win over Arizona State on Saturday. The Tigers were ranked as high as 18 on one voter's ballot.

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