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Kansas State Vs. Missouri State: Fans React After 51-9 Wildcat Victory

Few things were more terrifying to the average Kansas St. Wildcats fan Saturday than seeing KSU up just 9-6 over an FCS team — Missouri State — at halftime. The No. 22 team in the country was locked in a tight game with a team that plays in a division that crowns a champion after a playoff tournament.

Appalling as that may have been, the Wildcats put a cinderblock on the gas pedal in the second half, and raced away to a 51-9 victory. The Wildcats will host the Miami Hurricanes next week, so the first half was a bit unsettling, but the final score should reassure fans that this team is still talented and, behind Bill Snyder, very well-coached. Here's some of what SB Nation's KSU blog, Bring On The Cats, had to say:


--Overcoming a slow start. We did that a lot last season, but it was nice to see that a slow start did not lead to a 10-7 win over an FCS team like it did last year.


--Making some big plays. John Hubert broke a 95-yard touchdown run, Daniel Sams took it to the house from 46 yards away, and Tramaine Thompson went 89 yards for six on a punt return.



--Passing defense. Pass rush. We gave up 323 passing yards to an FCS team. Most of the time, it looked like we weren't even rushing the passer. We had zero sacks against an FCS team. That's unacceptable, and it's going to kill us against better teams.

For everything you could ever want and more on the Wildcats, visit Bring On The Cats. For more on the world of college football, check out SB Nation's dedicated hub.